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Personal Information

The following changes can be made via Employee Self Service on ADP:

  • Change your name, if applicable
  • Change your phone number, if applicable
  • Change your address, if applicable
  • Update your W-4 tax elections for Federal , State and Local withholding, if appropriate
  • Enroll in or update your direct deposit elections, if applicable
  • Change your emergency contact information

If your name has changed:

  • Update your voice mail message with your correct name, if applicable
  • Notify your facility’s mailroom so mail can be directed properly to you
  • Update your business cards to reflect your correct name
  • Update your records with the Social Security Administration office
  • Update your records with the Department of Motor Vehicles



This information should be updated in ADP.

  • Log on to ADP -> Myself -> Personal Information -> Personal Profile -> Click the pencil icon and update address information.


Birth and Adoption of a Child
  • See Leaves sections of the Policy Library
  • Policy details may be obtained from Human Resources


Gain/Loss of Coverage

Please check with Human Resources.

Leave of Absence

See the policy library for more information on leaves.

>Death of a Family Member
  • Contact supervisor or the appropriate administrator as soon as possible
  • See Bereavement Leave in the policy library


Divorce/Legal Separation

The Human Resources Office must be notified promptly of any change of marital status.


See termination of employment section of the policy library.