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Anyone who experiences or is aware of discriminatory conduct or non-compliance with institutional policies and procedures is urged to report the concern without delay. You may do so by using the appropriate form below or reach out directly to an administrator via the contact information outlined below.

Reports regarding sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, discrimination and non-compliance should be reported to any of the following:


Make a Report of
Sexual Harassment (Title IX)

Make a Report


Make a Report of Harassment,
Discrimination or Non-Compliance

Make a Report


Administrative Report

headshot of Claudia Lyerly
Claudia Lyerly
Executive Director & Title IX Coordinator
Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Gander Hall Rm 141
Phone: 314.529.6721
Fax: 314.529.9976

headshot of Joseph Fitzpatrick
Joseph Fitzpatrick
Dean of Students & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Student Life
Donius University Center, Rm 111
Phone: 314-529-9476
headshot of Sormarie Colon-Lefranc
Sormarie Colon-Lefranc
Director of Institutional Compliance

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Phone: 314-529-9623
Portia Britt
Portia Britt
Institutional Equity Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Phone: 314-529-6722


Assistance with Criminal Reporting

Department of Public Safety
Buder Commons
(For emergencies dial 911)


Confidential Reporting for Students

On-Campus Counseling Services (available for on ground students)
University Library First Floor
Phone: 314.529.9556

Jennifer Henry, Director of the Counseling Center

Caitlin Layer-Gaskell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Counselor

Verne Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor

ANYTIME, 24/7 Support Line (available to on ground and online students): (314) 529-6630

On-Campus Health Services (confidential resource)
Suzanne Jaudes, Director of Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness Center
Library Building


External Reporting Options

Local Police
Town & Country Police Department
St. Louis County Police Department
(for emergency dial 911)

Office of Civil Rights,
Kansas City Office
U.S. Department of Education
One Petticoat Lane
1010 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: (816) 268-0550
Fax: (816) 268-0559

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators if you want to discuss other resources that may be available in the community.