MRO – Hold Harmless Release Agreement

I know that participation in some of the MRO projects can be potentially hazardous and I agree that my participation in this activity is entirely voluntary.  I know I should not enter this activity unless I am medically able to participate and completing the MRO registration process attests that I am medically fit to participate.

  1. I fully recognize and appreciate the dangers and hazards inherent in the activity, which I have had a full opportunity to investigate through any questions I wished to ask of the responsible person(s).  I agree to assume all the risks and responsibilities arising out of my participation in the activity and any other activities undertaken as an adjunct thereto.
  2. That in consideration of my participation in this activity, I hereby waive, release and forever discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Maryville University, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, of and from any and all action, causes of action, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever, which the undersigned, which the undersigned may not have or may acquire arising from or in any way relating to the undersigned’s participation in the aforementioned event/activity.
  3. I recognize and understand that the University does not provide any Accident or Medical Insurance.
  4. I have obtained the age of 18 and am legally competent to understand this document and agree to this release as my own free act.
  5. I hereby consent to any publicity, including the use of my name and likeness, in connection with my participation in this activity for Maryville University publications.
  6. I have read and understand the terms of this Release and agree to all terms and conditions.

Student Policy Waiver Documentation