Cyber Fusion Center

Next-Gen Facility

The Cyber Fusion Center, one of the most technology-rich spaces at Maryville University, is an innovative student-run and faculty-managed security operations center designed to provide a wide range of cost-free cyber security services to non-profit organizations, charities, schools and small businesses.

The Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) is located in AB Hall and is driven by Apple hardware and software. Along with Mac computers and iPads, the Center is equipped with such state-of-the-art devices as a telepresence robot so clients can “meet” with students and faculty in real time — in the event of pressing concerns or for routine updates.

The next-gen learning facility derives its name from the various data feeds students monitor and then integrate into actionable intelligence for clients. About 35 students work in the Center. Students are assigned projects according to their level of experience. Services include penetration testing, vulnerability management, digital forensics and cyber threat monitoring.

Students can take the Cyber Fusion Center as a class elective and receive course credit or take it as an internship thus providing them first-hand knowledge and experiences in the cyber security field.

“The CFC gives me tangible skills. I enjoy the challenge of the ever-changing environment of cyber security and look forward to trying to stay one step ahead of hackers and those who compromise security.”
— Jonathan Tock