Program Objectives

Undergraduate Objectives

Undergraduate majors of the program will demonstrate the following:

  • Familiarity with normal and disordered communication across the lifespan, with respect for cultural differences
  • An appreciation and understanding of the human need to communicate and be understood
  • Objectivity, integrity, and ethical conduct in academic, research, clinical and other endeavors
  • Collaboration with faculty and peers while exploring topics of interest
  • An appreciation for the value of life long learning, diversity and service to others
  • Clear presentation of ideas in a variety of formats, such as written documents, oral presentations and artistic works
  • The ability to analyze, interpret and synthesize information, using principles of critical thinking and to evaluate his or her own thinking processes
  • Basic technological skills in communication and research and advanced technological skills appropriate to Communication Science and Disorders
  • Ability to use research skills in planning, implementing and interpreting studies in Communication Science and Disorders
  • Understanding of the complex dimensions of culture and ability to interact with people of different cultures
  • Understanding of the rich contributions of the diverse cultures of the world
  • Ability to identify, evaluate and understand issues of social justice and awareness of the importance of active involvement in professional, community, religious, cultural and political organizations

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