Administered Testing

ACT Residual Testing

Maryville University offers the ACT Residual test to those students who are interested in attending Maryville. The score is non-transferable. The test can be taken every 60 days by appointment only. The cost of the test is $45. For more details or to schedule an appointment, contact Student Success at 314.529.9477.

College-Level Examination Program

Maryville offers the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) to Maryville students who seem strong in certain subjects. This program can be described as taking a final exam of a course without attending the class. Each test is taken online. Most CLEP exams are 90 minutes in length. No more than two CLEP exams can be taken in the same day. If a student does not pass, he/she may retake the exam in three months. Maryville University allows a total of 30 CLEP credits. For more details or to schedule an appointment, contact Student Success at 314.529.9477. Please schedule tests at least one week in advance of the testing date. To see available exams, please click here.

  • $80 for taking the CLEP test. Students pay the $80 fee in advance: Clep.collegeboard.org and create an account under Clep for test takers. Student pays the $80 fee, prints and brings their registration ticket on the day of the scheduled test.

Study guides and test examples: www.collegeboard.com

Speech Proficiency Exam

General Information about the SPCH 110-60 Speech Proficiency Examination

Who is eligible? All Maryville students who are currently enrolled in classes. However, you may not take the exam if you are in your last 30 hours (senior year).

Exam Fee:There is no fee for taking the examination. However, if you sign up to take the exam, pass the online exam, and do not show up for the speech portion, you may not take the exam again.

The Speech Proficiency Examination is composed of three elements:

1) A multiple-choice/short-answer exam. The exam will be over the Zarefsky text, the same text used in the SPCH 110 course. Once you are enrolled in the course, the text is provided for this exam under Canvas through the One Fee. You will take the timed exam online through Canvas (50 multiple choice/short answer questions in 50 minutes over the Zarefsky textbook, which is provided on Canvas). The exam is timed. The purpose of the exam is to show you are proficient in the key concepts, theories, and ideas addressed in the textbook. The exam is available beginning February 1, 2017 . You may only take the exam once. If you score a 70% or higher on the exam, then you will pass and move on to step 2. If you do not pass, you have failed the speech proficiency exam for this semester. The exam must be completed by March 1, 2017.

2) If you pass the online exam, the speech component of the exam will be on March 9 (6:00PM- 9:00PM) or March 10 (12:00PM-3:00PM). You must sign up for one date on the discussion board in this class and attend the entire time. If you pass, you earn three hours of credit, so arrange your schedule accordingly. No make up dates are available as this is a one time opportunity to earn three hours of credit in very little time.

Your speech may be a 5-7 minute informative or a 5-7 minute persuasive speech. You must remain within the time limit or you will fail the exam. Be sure to practice your speech within these time limitations.

Additionally, you need a detailed informative speech outline or a detailed persuasive speech outline. Significant peer reviewed evidence must be utilized and cited (both out loud and in your outline) in your speech to illustrate your ethos.

Aristotle argued that a successful public speaker needs: 1) ethos (credibility and evidence), 2) pathos (emotion and narrative), and 3) logos (logic and reason). All three must be present for an individual to be an effective public speaker.

Dr. Carver will be proctoring the exams. She will record your speech and grade it according to the grading rubrics posted on Canvas (see modules for rubrics and detailed information). To pass the exam, you must earn above a 70 percent on your speech. Please look at the grading rubric while you are creating your speech to be sure that you are meeting the grading requirements. Grades will be posted within a week of the speech exam.

What happens if I pass? You will need to select one of the following options if you pass the examination.

Option 1: Students who pass the examination may receive three hours of credit for SPCH 110: Oral Communications (section 60). No attendance is required. The student will receive a grade of ā€œPā€ and regular tuition is charged for the semester in which they took the exam (e.g., Spring 2017 in this case).

Option 2: Students who pass the examination can also choose to have the Student Service Center indicate on their transcript that they have demonstrated proficiency in Speech (if you do not want/need the three hours). This must be done within one calendar year after passing the exam.

What happens if I fail?
The SPCH 110-60 class will be dropped off your schedule and no record of it will appear on your transcript. You may have a total of two attempts (only one per semester) to pass this exam. If you fail even one attempt, it would be beneficial for you to enroll in the SPCH 110 course. If you fail twice and have SPCH 110 as a degree requirement, you will be required to enroll in the SPCH 110 course to graduate.

If you have specific questions, you may contact Dr. Carver at clcarver@maryville.edu or by stopping by her office at ABAC 3219.