Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Maryville University is committed to providing equal educational access for all of its students by ensuring that students with documented disabilities receive reasonable accommodations that support effective participation in all aspects of the educational experience. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are provided by the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience. Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center at the earliest opportunity and must do so in order for the University to officially consider the need for reasonable accommodations. Students can call 314.529.9477 or stop by the Center in the University Library. All inquiries about the availability of reasonable University-related accommodations are kept confidential.

The Center provides resources for students with documented disabilities including:

  • Assistive Technology (enlarged print, text-to-speech programs, etc.)
  • Academic Support Resources
  • Classroom Accommodations (determined by appropriate documentation)

Criteria for Documentation

Documentation needs to:

  • Be typed on official letterhead and include the signature of a qualified professional along with his/her credentials detailed.
  • State the most recent date of evaluation.
  • Include a specific diagnosis.
  • Should include a summary of the side effects of the medication or any crisis episodes associated with the disability.
  • Provide objective evidence of a substantial limitation. Recommend accommodations including a detailed explanation. (Please note: extended test time will be defined as time and one half unless otherwise documented)

Services for Students with Disabilities

To obtain services, a student must:

  • Be a current Maryville University student
  • Contact the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience at 314.529.9477 to request accommodations
  • Self-identify that he/she has a disability
  • Provide documentation of a disability with a rationale for educational recommendations from a qualified professional
  • Submit accommodation requests in a timely manner

Services provided:

  • Notification and consultation with faculty regarding implementation of appropriate accommodations
  • Referral to support services/resources on campus
  • Appropriate accommodations are determined through consultation between the student and staff in the Center and review of documentation. Accommodations may include: Note takers, ability to recorded lectures, readers and/or scribes for testing, interpreters and other accommodations to assist with achievement of academic goals

Students are responsible for seeking assistance and making their needs for accommodations known. Confidentiality will be respected; no information will be released without student consent.

To request accommodations for a disability, contact the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience at 314.529.9477. To read more about Maryville University’s disability services policy, click here