Program Features

A graduate of Maryville University with a major in sport business management should be able to:

  • Have a working understanding of all the major areas of business: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Business Law, Business Ethics, Sales and Marketing.
  • Have in-depth knowledge in the areas of sport management, sport finance, sport marketing, sport law and sport business industry.
  • Have clear appreciation of the various ethical issues surrounding the business of sport.
  • Have practical experiences within the business of sports based upon internships, class related projects and volunteer experiences. These experiences allow the students to get an understanding of the dedication, hard work, and pace of the sport business industry.
  • Have an understanding of the wide variety of career opportunities that exist in sports industries for someone with strong business skills.
  • Have the written, oral, and professional communication skills coupled with planning leadership and critical thinking skills that will allow the student to enter the workplace and make an immediate impact.

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