The need for marketing expertise is shared by service companies, industrial corporations and non-profits the world over.  Studying marketing will not only give you plenty of career opportunities – from giant corporations to small non-profit groups - it will help you become a smarter consumer.

Maryville’s marketing program will give you an academic foundation for success and boost your professional image in a field that drives global economy.  Our graduates know their area of study has to keep pace with the continual changes occuring in global, social and economic systems. Our faculty, the Office of Career and Professional Development and internship programs will help you explore career options and ease your transition into the professional world.

Program Goals

Program Goals for the Maryville Marketing Major

A graduate of Maryville University with a major in marketing should be able to:

  1. Evaluate marketing concepts across domestic and global markets, products, technologies, and interactive and traditional media.
  2. Develop market segmentation concepts to define viable business, organizational, and consumer segments.
  3. Analyze the role of the consumer and business buying process in shaping the marketing strategy.
  4. Create a written marketing plan that includes research and analysis of the external and internal forces that shape market opportunities and develop marketing strategies directed at a target market.

Program Features

Amenities Galore

Maryville’s committed faculty members have years of academic and professional experience. Our campus is ideally located near many West County employers who offer internships and hire talented graduates. Our curriculum will help you develop and hone your presentation and communication skills, and gives you the flexibility to take on a second major. With all of these amenities, plus our active student body, the Maryville marketing experience provides everything you need.

Student Involvement
As a student in the School of Business, we strongly encourage you to join the Maryville Business Organization (MBO) or participate in the Regional Business Council Mentoring Program. These groups, along with the strong ties our faculty members have to local professionals, provide avenues for you to develop contacts and learn about issues that affect local businesses. The St. Louis region also has a wealth of organizations that regularly host valuable networking and professional development events. To name a few:

Program Events

Maryville Talks Business

Professional/Career Opportunities

What Can I Do With This Major?
Marketing graduates most often work for businesses in the sales, advertising, retail or research industries, or with direct, online or international marketing companies. Visit Career Education to see an extensive list of job options.

Degree Offerings and Requirements

Admission Requirements

If you’re interested in joining our marketing program, you only need to worry about the general admissions requirements for the university.

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