The psychology and sociology double major is an ideal combination within Maryville’s Psychology program that offers academic breadth, valuable community practicum experience, the professional depth of a combined background and increased career options.  Students also benefit from the opportunity to enroll in several graduate bridge programs.

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Program Features

Graduate Bridge and Early Access Programs
Graduate bridge programs are accelerated courses of study that lead to master’s degrees in social work, business and elementary education. These programs permit you to begin working on a master’s degree while you’re still completing undergraduate requirements. If you attend summer sessions, you can complete your graduate work in only one additional year after you receive your bachelor’s degree.

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Professional/Career Opportunities

A double major in psychology and sociology provides you with a number of diverse career opportunities. Recent graduates of the program have moved on to careers in law, business, health care, education, sociology, psychology, counseling, social work, retailing and law enforcement. Many students also pursue graduate work in counseling and social work.

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