The Science major enables students to participate in quantitative and scientific decisions that influence the quality of contemporary life. The major requires students to take courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics to insure a breadth of exposure, while at the same time requiring a minor in one of these areas at the upper-division level.

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About the Science Program

For students in the dual-degree engineering program, they will select a minor within the sciences in which to  concentrate at Maryville University. Additional engineering coursework completed at one of the institutions with which we have an articulation agreement will serve as the second minor for this program.

For students that are not pursuing an engineering degree with one of our partner institutions, they will select a second minor in a field/discipline outside of the sciences.

Program Features

A Different Kind of Coursework 
In the Science program at Maryville, you won’t just study terms and memorize theories. You’ll shape your own hypotheses and perform experiments as practical applications of your studies. The opportunity to select a science minor and a second, non-science minor allows students a wide range of undergraduate studies that can be tailored to a student’s specific interests, talents and career goals.

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Professional/Career Opportunities

Examples of careers that a student can pursue with a Science major:  science writing (English as the second minor), pharmaceutical sales (Business Administration as the second minor), patent law (Legal Studies as the second minor), and science policy (Political Science as the second minor).

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