Expand your knowledge

The structure of the periodic table. The chemical nature of a polyatomic molecule. The properties of inorganic compounds. As a chemistry major at Maryville, you’ll not only get to expand your knowledge of basic fundamentals and explore advanced theories, but you’ll also get to use this information in practical applications.

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About the Chemistry Program

For starters, your chemistry courses will cover organic, analytical and physical chemistry, biochemistry, math and physics, and your liberal arts requirements will round out your experience. You’ll be well qualified to enter fields ranging from agriculture to the food industry, from chemical manufacturing to environmental protection.

Or, if you want to push your education further, you’ll be fully prepared for graduate studies in chemistry, forensics, medicine, dentistry or law – particularly environmental regulatory law and patent law.

Program Features

Every one of Maryville’s classes and laboratory sections are small in size, which will foster your relationship with faculty and will make sure you have an in-depth understanding of chemistry. Faculty members work closely with students to deliver a cohesive, interdisciplinary education.

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Career Opportunities

Graduates from our chemistry program have found success in a number of different areas. Some have earned medical, dental, law degrees or PhDs. Others have established careers at companies like Monsanto, Boeing, Mallinckrodt/Tyco and Meridian Medical Technologies.

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