The English program at Maryville University opens a world of opportunities for those with a passion for words. Love to write? You’ll get lots of practice. Want to immerse yourself in the literary classics? Just dive right in. If teaching is your ambition, the English program at Maryville is a great place to start. We’ll help prepare you to achieve your goals.

About the English Program

Maryville’s English program employs a unique blend of study focusing on both contemporary and classical literature, as well as rhetoric, compostion, creative and professional writing.

Program Features

Choose Your Own Adventure

When you major in English at Maryville University, you will develop skills in the analysis, discus­sion and criticism of literature. Every student builds a solid foundation with the two-semester Survey of English Literature course and a capstone in History of Literary Criticism or Seminar in Language Study. How the rest of your program is tailored is entirely up to you.

Students with a passion for writing take the Creative Writing course and the Advanced Writing Workshop. Others choose from a variety of literature courses, such as Fairy Tales in Literature and Film or Contemporary American Fiction and Nonfiction.

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Professional/Career Opportunities

What to Do With a Major in English
When you can write well, read carefully and argue persuasively, you can do just about anything. Many of our students have pursued careers as lawyers, high school teachers, college professors and writers. One recent Maryville graduate works in the education department at an art museum. Another started a backpacking adventures company, while yet another grad published a novel. Choose your own adventure!

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