Academic Advising

Every student wants to pursue an academic path that’s meaningful, sensible and compatible with their goals in life. Academic advising will provide you with the information you need to make that happen. Your plan will likely change, even if only a little bit, from the time you begin school to the time you’re ready to graduate. An academic adviser can help you clarify and evaluate your goals as they develop and identify helpful alternatives of which you might not otherwise have been aware.

As a new first-year student, you will participate in a special advising program administered by the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience called START – Student Testing Advising, Registration, and Transition program. An adviser will walk you through planning and scheduling your first semester of classes and give you general information about the University. As a new transfer student, you will be advised by a staff adviser or a faculty within your discipline to assist in selecting courses for your first semester at Maryville.

Advising Mission – Maryville University’s advising mission is to create a collaborative educational journey which empowers students to accomplish their personal, academic, and professional developmental goals.

Advising Definition – Maryville University’s advising definition is a collaborative student-centered journey that empowers the student to identify and achieve academic, professional, and personal goals and helps students navigate Maryville University’s systems and policies.

First-Year Student Advising - Each school/college at Maryville University has a targeted first-year academic advising plan which best suits the specific needs of first-year students within the school/colleges’ programs and disciplines.

Undeclared Major
If you are unsure of or questioning what major you would like to study, don’t worry. You have plenty of time and a wealth of resources to help you decide. The Office of Career & Professional Development can help you explore options for your future by providing insight and information about the majors Maryville offers and where they can lead. Until you declare a major, you will be assigned an adviser in the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience who specializes in assisting students with the major clarification process.

Declared Major
Once you declare a major, you will be assigned a faculty member within your discipline to serve as your academic adviser.  He or she will guide you in creating a course of study consistent with your personal goals and Maryville’s institutional standards.  Your adviser’s name and contact information can be found on AccessMaryville under “My Profile”.


You must get approval from your adviser before registering for classes each semester. We highly recommend that you meet with this person on a regular basis to discuss your progress and for guidance regarding academic progress in your courses, internship possibilities, and class schedule. To switch advisers, contact the Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience for the list of faculty advisers and for the proper paperwork.

The Center for Academic Success and First-Year Experience is located in the University Library. Call (314) 529-9477 for an appointment.