iPad Program

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New full-time traditional undergraduate Maryville students are included in our Digital World iPad 1:1 program. Eligible students receive their iPad when they check in on their scheduled START date. Students who cannot attend START in person will have their iPad and accessories shipped to the address they used to register.

Incoming students receive an iPad 10th Generation with charging brick and cable and an Apple Pencil 1st Generation and USB-C adaptor to connect the iPad and Apple Pencil.

Note: Weekend and evening nursing students and students in select graduate programs are also eligible for an iPad and will have their iPads shipped before the start of classes. iPads are only distributed to on-campus students and are not currently available for fully online students.

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Before Your iPad Arrives

Before receiving and setting up your iPad, you’ll need to know the following information:

  1. Maryville Username/Password
  2. Visit https://community.maryville.edu/s/article/Password-Reset for instructions on how to reset your Maryville email or mylogin.maryville.edu to set up your Maryville email (if you haven’t done so already).

  3. Apple ID Username/Password
  4. Students must have a US-based Apple ID. You can use your personal Apple ID for your Digital World iPad or create a new one using your Maryville email address. If you don’t know the password for your Apple ID or need to set up a new one, visit appleid.apple.com.

    Note: If your current Apple ID is connected to a family plan (e.g., your parents might approve app installs and purchases), you must create a new personal Apple ID.

    Once your Maryville account and Apple ID are active, you are ready to set up your iPad.

How to Set Up Your iPad

Once your iPad arrives, you’ll need to power it on and go through a few set-up steps. The video below outlines these steps.


Digital World iPad FAQs

  • What is Digital World?

    Digital World is Maryville’s campus-wide 1:1 initiative that provides students with an iPad and the necessary accessories and software to engage in Maryville’s diverse, customizable, and interactive learning environment.

  • What iPad and accessories do students receive?

    Incoming Fall 2023 students will receive the 10th Generation iPad (128 GB) with charging brick and cable and compatible 1st Generation Apple Pencil with USB-C to lightning adaptor.

    Devices fit into the 10.9” 10th Generation iPad case.

  • Why was the iPad chosen?

    Maryville chose the Apple iPad as our 1:1 device solution to enhance our Active Learning Ecosystem and engage students in the learning process. The safety, accessibility, and ease of use associated with the iPad supports students, promoting technological equity in the learning process.

  • Who gets a Maryville Digital World iPad?

    Currently, digital World iPads are distributed to all traditional full-time on-ground undergraduate students, as well as weekend and evening nursing students and graduate students in the Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Speech Language Pathology programs.

  • What happens to my iPad when I graduate?

    After you graduate, your Maryville iPad will be released from our management system and become yours to keep. All Maryville-issued apps will be removed, and you can reset the iPad as a new device for your personal use.

  • What happens if I withdraw or transfer before I graduate?

    If you withdraw or transfer before graduating, you are required to return your iPad and accessories to the Maryville University DLX Service Desk, located on the 2nd floor of the library – Suite 200.

  • How to get support?

    You will never have to go to the Apple Store for support for your Digital World iPad. Maryville offers 24–hour online support at https://techsupport.maryville.edu. For on-campus support, you can visit MiTech Bar, our Apple Support space located in the Maryville MStore, or go to the DLX Service Desk on the 2nd floor of the Maryville Library.

  • What happens if I break my iPad?

    If you have a damaged iPad, you can visit the DLX Service Desk on the 2nd floor of the library – Suite 200, or MiTech Bar in the MStore to receive a replacement device. You will be required to fill out the appropriate forms, and a $50 charge will be applied to your student account for each damaged device. Maryville will not replace broken chargers or Apple Pencils.

  • What happens if I lose my iPad?

    If your iPad is lost, you can visit DLX Services or MiTech Bar to fill out the appropriate forms. Corresponding charges for the full cost of the device will be applied to your student account and you will be issued a replacement device.

  • What happens if my iPad is stolen?

    If your iPad is stolen, you must file a police report for the missing items. Students then bring the police report to the DLX Service Desk or the MiTech Bar to receive a replacement device at no cost. If you cannot obtain a police report, you will be responsible for the device’s total cost to receive a replacement, as the iPad would be considered lost, not stolen.

  • What happens if I lose or break my accessories?

    You are responsible for purchasing your own replacements for broken, lost, or stolen accessories. These accessories can be purchased at our Campus Apple Store, located in the MStore.

  • Can I visit the Apple Store to get support for my iPad?

    Maryville self-insures all Digital World iPads to create ease of access to support. Students do not need to visit the Apple Store to get support for their devices. They can call, chat, or submit a ticket to our 24-hour DLX Service Desk (techsupport.maryville.edu) or visit the MiTech Bar for help with any Digital World iPad issues.

  • How do I use cloud storage to back-up my iPad?

    Apple provides 5GB of iCloud storage to all users with an Apple ID. Ensuring your iPad is backed up to iCloud is a best practice for safeguarding against data loss. iCloud backup ensures you can restore iPad settings/data to any replacement device, for instructions on how to use iCloud backup visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203977. Maryville also provides all students with 1TB of OneDrive storage. You are encouraged to use this space to store your data as well.


To learn more about Maryville Digital World and Apple at Maryville, you can check out the resources below:


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