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iPad Program

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maryville University will be shipping iPads to full-time first-year students throughout the summer. iPad shipments will begin in early June and will continue throughout the summer. iPad shipment dates will be determined by your registration date and upon receipt of your enrollment advance tuition payment.

Each iPad shipment will come with the following items: 7th Generation iPad, charging brick and cable, Apple Pencil, and Maryville t-shirt.

Note: Full-time transfer students, weekend and evening nursing students, and graduate students in occupational therapy, communication studies, rehabilitation counseling, and speech language pathology will receive their iPad via mail in mid/late July. iPads are only distributed to on-campus students and are not currently available for fully online students.

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Before Your iPad Arrives

Prior to receiving and setting up your iPad, you’ll need to know the following information.

  1. Maryville Username/Password
  2. Visit to set-up your Maryville email (if you haven’t done so already) and/or reset your password.

  3. Apple ID Username/Password
  4. You are free to use your personal Apple ID for your new iPad. If you don’t know the password for your Apple ID, or need to set-up a new one, visit

    Note: If your current Apple ID is connected to a family plan (e.g., your parents might approve app installs and purchases), you need to create a new Apple ID.

Once you know these two things, you are ready to set-up your iPad.

How to Set Up Your iPad

Once your iPad arrives, you’ll need to power it on and go through a few set-up steps. The video below outlines these steps.


Digital World/iPad FAQs

  • What is Digital World?

    Digital World is a campus-wide initiative where students receive an iPad to engage with in a more diverse, customizable, and interactive learning environment.

  • What iPad and accessories do students receive?

    7th Generation iPad (128 GB) and Apple Pencil (1st generation) with charging brick and cable
    Devices fit into the 10.2” 7th Generation iPad case

  • Why was the iPad chosen?

    The iPad was chosen as a way to enhance our Active Learning Ecosystem and engage students in the learning process. By incorporating technology and providing the iPad to each of our traditional undergraduate students, we are able to lay a foundation for technological equity in the learning process.

  • Who gets a Maryville Digital World iPad?

    iPads are distributed to all full-time on-ground undergraduate students, as well as weekend and evening nursing students and graduate students in the Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Speech Language Pathology, and Communication Studies programs.

  • What happens to my iPad when I graduate?

    The iPad is yours to keep, for free, once you graduate.

  • What happens if I withdraw or transfer before I graduate?

    We ask that you return the iPad to the Maryville University Help Desk, located in the lower level of REID Hall.

  • How to get support?

    Maryville offers 24 – hour support at

  • What happens if I break my iPad?

    In the case of a damaged iPad, students can visit the IT Service Desk, located in Reid 1333, to receive a replacement device. The student will be charged $50 for first-time damages to the iPad and the full price of the device for any subsequent damages. Students can visit the IT Service Desk, located in Reid 1333 for assistance.

  • What happens if I lose my iPad?

    If the iPad is lost, the student will incur a charge on their Maryville account in the full amount of a replacement iPad and corresponding accessories.

  • What happens if my iPad is stolen?

    If the iPad is stolen, the student should file a police report for the missing items. Students can bring this police report to the IT Service Desk, located in Reid 1333, to receive a replacement device at no cost. If there is not a police report, students will be charged the full cost of the device to receive a replacement.

  • What happens if I lose or break my accessories?

    Students are responsible for purchasing their lost or stolen accessories.

  • Can I visit the Apple Store to get support for my iPad?

    Maryville self-insures our iPads to create ease of access to support. Students do not need to visit the Apple Store to get support for their devices. They can call, chat, or submit a ticket to our 24-hour Help Desk ( for help with any technology issues.

  • How do I use cloud storage to back-up my iPad?

    Apple provides 5GB of iCloud storage to all users with an Apple ID. Ensuring your iPad is backed-up to iCloud is the best way to safeguard against data loss. iCloud back-up ensures you can restore iPad settings/data to any replacement device. For instructions on how to use iCloud backup visit


View the Video Below to Learn More about Digital World and Technical Support