About Us


The Office of Service & Spiritual Life prepares students for a life of active spiritual, social and service engagement, providing meaningful experiences to live out Maryville University’s core values in a diverse world.


The Office of Service & Spiritual Life seeks to create a vibrant campus culture that embraces active participation in activities that involve spiritual, social and service engagement in a diverse world and reflect Maryville University’s core values.

  • We provide students with multiple opportunities to participate volunteer service, allowing them to engage with diverse people, learn about various social issues and give back to the community in a variety of settings.
  • We support and advocate for the spiritual awareness and development of students of all or no spiritual or religious affiliations and provide opportunities for civil and respectful dialogue and learning about diverse views about topics related to meaning, purpose, spirituality, belief, faith, religion, morals, ethics, etc.
  • We sponsor programing that highlights social issues and encourages social responsibility and civic engagement with domestic and global issues.

Model for Personal Development

To achieve our mission and vision, the Office of Service & Spiritual Life has developed a model for personal development, which includes Spiritual Engagement, Social Engagement and Service Engagement.

Spiritual Engagement

Spiritual Engagement programs foster students’ active quest for personal identity and wisdom through the clarification of their beliefs and values and achievement of a sense of equanimity regarding answers to life’s big questions and mysteries of meaning and purpose, possibly through an affiliation with a particular spiritual, religious , cultural and/or philosophical community.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement programs cultivate an ecumenical and inclusive worldview that lead students to seek out and participate in opportunities that foster knowledge, understanding, appreciation and celebration of their own and other’s spiritual, religious, cultural and/or philosophical communities and their shared values.

Service Engagement

Service Engagement programs cultivate an ethic of caring and concern for the welfare of the world through experiences aimed at alleviating suffering of others, protecting the environment, achieving social justice and the common good.

Continuum of Engagement

The Continuum of Engagement of various programs reflect that of students’ personal development as spiritual, social and service engagement become more integrated into their lives. We delineate this Continuum of Engagement as follows:

Continuum of Engagement

  1. Exposure/Awareness
  2. Education/Knowledge
  3. Action/Experience
  4. Habit/Integration

Contact Us & Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Stephen M. DiSalvo, Director
314.529.9521 or by email: sdisalvo@maryville.edu