Spirit of Maryville 2019: Michael Reth, '02, '04 and Sergey Abrosimov, '06

Sergey Abrosimov and Michael Reth

Sergey Abrosimov (left) and Michael Reth

Michael Reth, chief executive officer of Axiom Product Administration, and Sergey Abrosimov, chief technology officer, are riding the success that comes from creating a company that disrupts traditional and outdated business practices. A relatively new entry in the field of automotive finance and insurance, Axiom was recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal as the fastest-growing company in 2018. Revenue increased by 700 percent, a statistic made even more astounding by the fact that Axiom grew from only five dealer clients in 2013 to more than 500 dealer relationships in 2018 and now 600 in 2019.

The idea for the company grew out of Reth’s MBA capstone thesis, encouraged by his instructor Maha Alul. Reth was pursuing his degree through Maryville’s Weekend and Evening College and worked with Abrosimov at a nearby company at the time. At Reth’s urging, Abrosimov also earned his MBA at Maryville. Years later, as the auto industry evolved, Reth put his thesis ideas into action by creating Axiom. He brought Abrosimov in as a consultant before inviting him to join the senior executive team. With operations in major cities throughout five countries, this duo has proven that what happens at Maryville does not always stay at Maryville!