Virtual Scholarship Dinner 2021

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Be sure to view the message from Maryville University president, Dr. Mark Lombardi, and the keynote address from Maryville graduate Melissa Lenz.

Hear from two of our outstanding scholarship recipients, Maddy Agers and Mayosore’ Kemp, who represent so many grateful students like them.

Finally, take a moment to browse through our donor and recipient listing, highlighting the many generous scholarships that supported Maryville students throughout the 2020–2021 academic year.

Dr. Mark Lombardi, President, Maryville University

Thank you for your support,
and for helping us celebrate scholarships at Maryville.


“The Darryl Pope Endowed Scholarship has made a big difference in my life. I have two very hard-working parents who do their absolute best to ensure I can achieve my goals by receiving a college education. Financially, this scholarship is beyond helpful; it is truly a blessing to me and my family.”

SPENCER LUNDGREN, Sport Business Management
Darryl Pope Endowed Scholarship


“I am a first generation college student and paying for my education on my own. This support has reduced some of my stress and emotional worries of paying for college. Without this support, I would not be able attend college. Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to earn my degree.”

Anonymous Nursing Scholarship


“This scholarship support helps me greatly with the cost of my tuition. My hometown is very close to Wuhan where the COVID-19 pandemic started. The past several months have been challenging, both financially and emotionally. This scholarship truly relieves my financial burden and is a silver lining to a dark year.”

ZONGSHAN LIAO, Physical Therapy
Evelyn Yuan Endowed Scholarship


“This scholarship support has made a difference for me because it has relieved some of the pressure of paying for a college education. It has motivated me to take advantage of every opportunity offered to me so that I can better pursue my goals.”

JADA TURNER, Cybersecurity
The Saigh Foundation Scholarship

Melissa Lenz, ’97
Keynote speaker
Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

Maddy Agers, ’22
Earl E. Walker Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurism and Innovation

Mayosore’ Kemp, ’22
La Salle Middle School Scholarship

Maryville University’s Virtual Scholarship Reception

We look forward to the next time when we can all be together to share appreciation for the scholarship donors who are making a significant impact on the lives of Maryville students, and celebrate the accomplishments of the scholarship students.

Where do Maryville students come from?

Check out this map of the U.S. to see the Top 20 states with students studying at Maryville.

This virtual scholarship reception offers both students and scholarship donors from anywhere the opportunity to participate.

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