A student newspaper from the Maryville University Archives

Early Maryville Student Newspapers Available Online

In an ongoing effort to digitize historical photographs and paper ephemera, Maryville University Archives has digitized and electronically published student newspapers dating from the early 1900s.

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Sandra Harris, library director for Maryville University.

Meet Sandra Harris: University Library Director

After 30 years away, Sandra Harris returned to her hometown of St. Louis this fall to serve as library director for Maryville University. Most recently, she worked as executive director of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

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Maryville University receives a steamer trunk, circa 1910, belonging to Sister Elizabeth Nagel.

1900s Steamer Trunk Returns to Maryville

During Alumni Weekend, Sept. 22-24, Maryville University Archives will display a steamer trunk and its contents, which once belonged to a novice at Maryville in the early 1900s.

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Mother Kernaghan’s Collections

On the top floor of Kernaghan Hall are two enormous, wooden display cabinets—three doors wide and so tall they barely fit in the hallway.

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Maryville University Digital Archives

Maryville’s Digital Archives Spark Fond Memories

The digital archives in the Maryville University Archives collection are a treasure trove of memories and information.

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Summer in the University Library

This summer, the University Library remains open and available to the campus community and alumni, providing all the same services—many of which may not be widely known.

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Artwork by Judith Shaw

Exhibit Focuses on Eating Disorder Recovery

The exhibit, “Judith Shaw Body of Work: The Art of Eating Disorder Recovery,” will be displayed in the Morton J. May Foundation Gallery at Maryville University, Jan. 19 – Feb. 26.

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