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Gabe Colbeck, PhD, associate professor of biology, is a champion of student-led research as well as student-faculty research collaborations

Research with a Side of Hot Sauce, Please

Gabe Colbeck, PhD, associate professor of biology, keeps a small bottle of habanero hot sauce on his desk—for research purposes as well as to spice up his lunch.

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Maryville University professor Dustin Nadler expands reach of student research

Expanding the Reach of Student Research

A renewed emphasis on conducting and presenting undergraduate and graduate research is underway at Maryville, supported by a group of cross-disciplinary faculty like Dustin Nadler,… Read More

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Maryville University, Monsanto Fund Address Shortage in Cyber Security Jobs

A new Maryville University program funded through a $132,595 grant from the Monsanto Fund, “Cyber Ready St. Louis,” serves students and educators in the St.… Read More

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With Boeing Grant, Maryville Aims to Bring More Students into STEM Fields

Students in middle school can’t always be expected to know where their career path will lead. But for jobs in computer-oriented fields, if teens don’t… Read More

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Maryville University Announces Tuition Freeze for 2018-2019

To create greater access to higher education and extend significant cost savings to students and their families, Maryville University has announced a tuition freeze for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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Maryville University partners with the Chinese Education and Culture Center in St. Louis

Designing a Dream for Chinese Families in St. Louis

Maryville University students, faculty and alumni partnered with the Chinese Education and Cultural Center in St. Louis to assist in the acquisition and interior design of the building.

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Maryville University Experts Look Toward the Future

Assessing local and national trends in various industries and fields of study, experts from Maryville University share their observations of what we can expect in 2018—and beyond.

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Two Cities, Two Programs—One University

Kelly Slaughter, a 23-year veteran of Ameren Missouri’s Callaway  Energy Center, is a member of the first MBA cohort offered through a unique partnership between his employer, Maryville University and Westminster College. He thanks his son, Samuel Slaughter, for his student status. 

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Opening Minds Through Art at Maryville University

Occupational Therapy Program Serves People with Dementia

For people with dementia, a once-busy life can narrow to world of isolation as jobs, friends and hobbies fall away. But a Maryville program encourages… Read More

Maryville University Partners with Lutheran High School South students who are interested in health care professions.

High Schoolers Study Medical Terminology in Dual Program

Lutheran High School South students can study a new “foreign” language — medical terminology. These students dually enroll at their school and Maryville University, and take the same medical terminology course as Maryville students.

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