Maryville University is the #3 Fastest Growing Private University in the Nation

Maryville continues to rank in Top 5 of Fastest Growing Universities Nationwide.

 [St. Louis, MO, November 14, 2023] – Despite widespread reports of enrollment decline in the Midwest and around the country, Maryville is the third fastest growing private university in the nation according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. This landmark achievement represents the fifth consecutive year that Maryville has ranked in the top 5 of private University growth.  Set against a broader context where, despite a general decline in enrollment nationwide, Maryville continues to emerge as a leader in long-term growth.

According to the Chronicle’s “College Growth, 2011-2021” report, while the higher education sector saw enrollment numbers falling in both public and private institutions, Maryville University experienced an enrollment surge that far exceeded the 100 percent mark. Out of 217 institutions, Maryville’s significant growth places it in the top three.

Dr. Mark Lombardi, PhD, President of Maryville, expresses his pride in this achievement: “It is incredibly rewarding to see our university’s innovative active learning and living ecosystem reflected in the choices of students from around the nation.  This ranking validates our efforts to provide unparalleled access and opportunity in higher education, ensuring that the upward trend in student success continues unabated.”

Katherine Louthan, Dean of the School of Adult and Online Education, comments on the growth in digital learning, “The remarkable expansion of our online programs is a cornerstone of Maryville’s growth. We are committed to extending the reach of our educational offerings, making them more accessible and flexible for all learners.”

Shani Lenore-Jenkins, Vice President of Enrollment, highlights the university’s adaptive strategies by stating, “Maryville keeps a pulse on how students engage with higher learning institutions. Our consistent adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of education has been pivotal to our growth and is integral to our philosophy of putting students first.”

This accolade is not just a reflection of Maryville University’s growth but also an endorsement of its proactive approach to education, which prioritizes inclusivity, innovation, and adaptability. Maryville continues to demonstrate with the right vision and execution, growth and excellence in higher education are not only possible but can also set new benchmarks for success.

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About Maryville University

Founded in 1872, Maryville University is a comprehensive and nationally ranked private institution with an enrollment of 10,000 students. Maryville offers over 90 degrees at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels, as well as several certificates that align with the undergraduate and graduate education levels. Maryville is recognized as the second fastest-growing private university in the United States by The Chronicle of Higher Education, serving students from all 50 states and 56 countries. More than 17,000 Maryville alumni work and live in the St. Louis region.

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