Meet Maricella Reyes: Program Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion

by Nya Dorsey

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion welcomes new program coordinator Maricella Reyes to the team. In her new role, Reyes is looking forward to making sure that students get all they can get through their higher education experience. “Making sure students are set up to meet their goals and make it to the next destination in their own journeys is my mission,” she said.

Originally from Midland, Michigan, Reyes began her higher education career at Central Michigan University. She earned her Bachelor of Applied Arts in recreation and event management in 2016. She stayed at Central Michigan University to complete a graduate assistantship in the Office of Student Activities, and graduated with her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration in 2018.

When Reyes first got into higher education, she didn’t realize this was the career path she could take. While completing an event management internship, she was introduced to student affairs and quickly fell in love with it.

“Education is important, and it’s one of the main reasons I am where I am today,” she said. Education allowed Reyes to see all the paths and opportunities that exist in the world. “It helped me get out of my bubble, and I want to help students find that, and open all the possibilities that are there for them,” she said.

When asked what keeps her going, the answer is simple: “Being able to come in and interact with the students and get to know them.” It’s important to Reyes to foster positive relationships with faculty, staff and, most importantly, the students as she takes on her new role. “I want to soak up as much as possible, I’m so excited!” she said.

While at Maryville, Reyes hopes to make an impact on the students that are coming to see her. “I want them to know that I was in their same situation going through undergrad, and I know the feeling of wanting to have support from campus departments,” Reyes said. “My plan is to be a role model and guide them as much as I can for them to finish and get their degree, and have fun on the way. I’m excited to meet them and support them in any way I can!”

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