Maryville Begins Issuing Digital Transcripts

As part of its comprehensive digital transformation plan, Maryville University now offers digital transcripts, allowing students and alumni to own their learning credentials. Maryville is one of the first universities in the country to adopt this cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Using blockchain technology, Maryville delivers digital, verifiable, tamper-proof versions of transcripts to students and alumni, enabling them to share these documents instantly with potential employers and other schools.

Potential employers and schools can verify the digital transcript immediately through a weblink, speeding up the hiring process. It only takes seconds to verify a transcript using blockchain technology instead of days or even weeks required to create and send hardcopy documents. Additionally, verification is free for employers and universities.

“Blockchain technology is overhauling the educational experience, and Maryville is at the forefront of this movement,” said Feng Hou, Maryville’s chief digital transformation evangelist. “We understand that the way students and alumni engage with information is fundamentally different than it was in the past. We are excited to offer this technology that allows students and alumni to securely own their personal information in the digital age.”

In addition to digital transcripts, Maryville issues blockchain-secured digital diplomas. Future use cases also include digital badging to include detailed descriptions of skills learned through noncredit courses, internships and other experiences.

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Additionally, please watch our Facebook Live interview about how blockchain technology will help us better serve our alumni and students with Elizabeth Stacey, assistant vice president of operational systems and quality assurance, and Kristina Rieger, senior director of academic records, from Maryville’s Division of Operational Excellence.


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