Maryville Announces $21 Million Investment in AI and New Technologies Amidst Record Growth

Maryville’s substantial investment strives to keep the university’s future cemented for years to come

[St. Louis, MO, February 14, 2024] – In a bold move that counters the conventions of more traditional schools, Maryville University has unveiled a substantial $21 million multi-year investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies. This groundbreaking initiative is set to transform the higher education experience to be powered by the latest technology to support student success and a five-star experience for thousands of students both on-campus and online.

Maryville is ranked by the Chronicle of Higher Education as the third fastest-growing private university in the nation, keeping the top 5 ranking for the fifth consecutive year. It is also noted that Maryville has seen a steady growth in undergraduate enrollment for 17 straight years, marking a +9% increase in its undergraduate population in Fall 2023.

“Due to our record growth, Maryville University is committed to not only adapting to the changing dynamics of higher education but leading the charge,” said Dr. Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University. “Our significant investment in AI and cutting-edge technology is focused on student success and five-star service.  We are proud of our growth and our innovative strategic plan that will enable our students to thrive in the digital age.”

In 2022, Maryville rolled out a strategic plan designed to reinforce its position at the forefront of educational innovation. This plan has a laser like focus on using AI, and the latest in data analytics to provide a life-long learner journey that delivers outstanding student outcomes. This financial commitment along with deep partnerships with industry leaders such as Apple, Salesforce, BurstIQ and Capacity means that all Maryville students across all its platforms will receive the finest education combined with five-star service.

The investment is in personalized, AI-enhanced, student support. The increase in capabilities in engagement, service, learning technologies and a leading-edge data ecosystem are all built to scale for growth and power in AI. By integrating advanced technologies into the fabric of its educational model, Maryville is poised to redefine what it means to be a student-centric institution.

“With this technology modernization initiative, Maryville University is at the forefront of educational institutions embracing AI and data-driven approaches,” says Phil Komarny, chief innovation officer of Maryville. “By leveraging a comprehensive data strategy and the capabilities of the Maryville Collective, the university is poised to revolutionize the academic landscape and set a new standard for personalized education.”

Maryville University’s vision of the future is clear: a world where education is more accessible, inclusive, and effectively prepares students for the dynamic challenges of the modern workforce. With this new technological venture, Maryville continues to break barriers and uphold its reputation as a leading light in the academic community.

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About Maryville University

Founded in 1872, Maryville University is a comprehensive and nationally ranked private institution with an enrollment of 10,000 students. Maryville offers over 90 degrees at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels, as well as several certificates that align with the undergraduate and graduate education levels. Maryville is recognized as the second fastest-growing private university in the United States by The Chronicle of Higher Education, serving students from all 50 states and 56 countries. More than 17,000 Maryville alumni work and live in the St. Louis region.

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