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Krakos Delivers TEDx Talk

When Kyra Krakos, PhD, assistant professor of biology, delivered a lecture on ‘Plants, Pollinators and People: A Love Story,’ at the Sheldon Concert Hall, it wasn’t her usual presentation. This time, it was for TEDx Gateway Arch.

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Brian Gant, Class of 2003

Brian Gant, ’03: To Protect and Serve

Criminal justice was not originally on Gant’s career radar. When he graduated with a bachelor’s in computer information systems, he expected to become a computer programmer.

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Joanne Cooper, Class of 2001

Joanne Kricho Cooper, ‘01: Head of the Glass

Joanne Kricho Cooper, ’01, uses bold strokes when emphasizing how often she relies on lessons learned in pursuit of her BA in fine arts.

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Greg Schwartz, Class of 2010

Greg Schwartz, ’10: Sweet Success

Greg Schwartz, ’10, never expected that he would one day work on the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa Avenues near street lights shaped like chocolate Kisses.

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Colleen Hennessy, Class of 1963

Colleen ‘Coke’ Hennessy, ’63: New Practice – Mindfulness

After 36 years of practicing law, Colleen “Coke” Hennessy, ’63, has a new calling. She teaches children about mindfulness, and works with educators to support their practice.

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Ali Diop, Class of 2015

Ali Diop, ’15: Advancing a World View

Ali Diop, ’15, is committed to helping solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, and through a highly competitive internship he turns that goal into action every day. Diop’s workplace is the United Nations in New York.

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Vincent Marsden, Class of 1991

Vincent Marsden, ’91: Determination & Dough

Vincent Marsden, ’99, earned degrees from Maryville University in psychology and sociology, but his doughnut-making career path has roots in an unlikely elective class: metalsmithing.

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Peggy Liggett, Class of 1961

Peggy Liggett, ’61: Building on Successful Transitions

For the past 20 years, Peggy Liggett, ’61, has enjoyed a successful career as a real estate agent. She followed that path, however, after a long tenure in higher education.

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Turning Up the Volume on Social Media

Are you engaged on social media? If so, please help us share our many wonderful stories.

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Branka Named Inaugural Women’s Bowling Coach

Brandi Branka will serve as the inaugural coach head coach for the Saints women’s bowling team. The team begins its first season of competition during the 2015-16 academic year.

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