Adjunct Faculty Spotlight – Kyle Allison

Welcome back to our continuing series of posts shining a spotlight on our adjunct faculty members. Maryville benefits immensely from the dedication, expertise, and diverse real-world experiences of our adjunct faculty. Let’s get to know Kyle Allison, professor of marketing.

How long have you been at Maryville?
I have been with Maryville University for over 2 years.

What interested you in becoming an adjunct faculty member?
I truly appreciate the opportunity to provide my real-world experiences to our students as an executive in digital marketing. I am fortunate to teach many different marketing and business courses with Maryville where I can mentor, guide, and educate students. I enjoy sharing perspectives on business strategies and witnessing students showing their critical thinking skills. That’s a fun atmosphere to teach in. Working as an adjunct faculty member at Maryville is unique because of the close-knit community of instructors, and collaboration between adjuncts and college administration is fantastic! Maryville really takes their adjunct faculty seriously when it comes to their ideas for teaching and course content. Overall, they make us feel part of the community.

What is your proudest Maryville moment?
My proudest moment at Maryville was helping the business department build out a reimagined undergraduate marketing degree. For a year and a half, I helped key members of the business and online learning departments brainstorm and put together a proposal for new and redefined courses. We’re modernizing the marketing curriculum for upcoming cohorts in the marketing degree program. I am proud of this because I took the lead on the program by identifying the courses and learning outcomes, and helped build out the major deliverables of the program. I was trusted as a marketing expert to put together a course that will give students in-demand skills and prepare them to be successful marketers with skills like critical thinking, creativity, technology, and analytics – important skill sets for today’s employers.

What is something unique about you?
I’d say people find it interesting I still go to concerts on a regular basis. I have probably been to several hundred concerts and music events in my life. I’ve seen many major artists including Paul McCartney, Britney Spears, Coldplay, and my all-time favorite band Linkin Park. Concerts are my favorite thing to do for fun, escape from reality, and connect with others who enjoy music!

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