New Graduation Cords Reflect Core Values

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Beginning this year, students have the opportunity to earn a graduation cord through the Core Values Distinction Program. The cords represent exemplary pursuit of Maryville University core values, including civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, global awareness, learning and mentoring and sustainability. During their Maryville years, students will participate in related activities and experiences and complete academic studies that engage them in one or more core values.

“Maryville’s core values are an essential part of our teaching and learning,” said Alden Craddock, PhD, associate vice president and director of the Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy. “We’ve developed this program to both encourage our students to engage more deeply in the core values and to be recognized for their efforts.”

Experiences might include a semester-long internship with an organization representing a core value, participation in a related certification program or involvement with a project related to the area of emphasis.

A student will be required to take three designated courses, which are offered across academic programs. American Government, Special Studies Costa Rica and various science offerings are course examples.

Sample activities include the University’s annual day of service—Maryville Reaches Out; the Tunnel of Consciousness, a campus-wide awareness and tolerance program now in its seventh year; a campus voter registration project; or participation in a COREXplore Study Away trip.

Throughout the program, students are asked to reflect on their experiences and understand how their daily lives may be impacted by what they’ve learned.


This story also featured in the Fall 2016 edition of Maryville Magazine.