Frequently Asked Questions

Do weekend classes last all weekend?

No, we have 5 distinct time slots for classes on alternating weekends, including Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Do I have to choose between weekend and evening classes or can I do both?

Course offerings may vary by program from semester to semester. Please consult with your Admission Advisor or Program Director to see what works best for you.

How often do classes meet?

The majority of our classes meet 8 times per semester.

Is your Weekend & Evening College program accelerated?

Courses typically fall in an 8 week cycle, opposed to the traditional 16 week cycle.  It is up to the student and their advisor to determine the course load that is right for you.

Where are classes held?

We have 3 convenient locations:

  1. The university campus in west St. Louis county at U.S. Highway 40/Interstate 64 and Woodsmill Road/Highway 141.
  2. In St. Charles county in Lake St. Louis on Technology Drive just off U.S. Highway 40/Interstate 64.
  3. In southwest St. Louis County in Sunset Hills along Interstate 270 and Gravois.

How long will it take to complete my bachelor’s degree?

It depends on the number of transfer credits, the number of courses taken per term and the number of semesters per year. Each site has an adviser available to discuss these questions, the program, transfer credits and more with you.

Will my previous college work transfer to Maryville?

Yes, most college-level credits from a regionally accredited college or university will transfer to Maryville. A bachelor’s degree and often an associate of arts degree will fulfill the university’s general education requirements.

Are there advisors available to meet with me to discuss my degree plan and assist me in curriculum choices?

Yes, each Weekend & Evening College location has an advisor available to meet with students. Convenient day, evening and Saturday advising appointments are available.

Do I need to take any placement tests to be accepted into Maryville University?

No, we do not require any placement tests prior to acceptance to the University.