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Upskill your employees

We help companies serve their customers more effectively, more intentionally, and with a mindset on business growth and employee retention. Bring your workforce a learning experience tailored to your specific business needs. Our expert educational solutions upskill your team quickly so you can focus on your goals.

How does 150 years of expertise revolutionize workforce development?
Ask our current customers.

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Maryville’s 150 years of educational expertise is revolutionizing workforce development. Our proven process for learning design moves at the speed of business, increasing your employees’ knowledge and skills in the specific areas you need.

The mission of MaryvilleWORKS is to advance your organization’s success by providing innovative, market-relevant workforce development solutions designed to meet your needs and complement your business strategy.
Online learning is nothing new for us. Maryville University has been delivering high-quality online courses since 2013. MaryvilleWORKS uses the same processes, technology, and data-driven design that has fueled our online learning growth. We are one of the top five fastest-growing private universities in the United States.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Transparent Partners

You will have access to the information you need to retain workers, gain market share and increase profitability. We will get to know your business through our confidential services and will offer new solutions to any emerging workforce development challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Every learning solution is designed to meet your needs and help you take advantage of new opportunities. Our team of learning designers, subject matter experts and implementation specialists will work side-by-side with you to design programs to meet your specific business goals.

Immediate Value

We will upskill and reskill your existing workforce through expertly defined stackable learning experiences that provide immediate value to your business and your employees. Our goal is to become your business partner in education development and delivery.

Buildable Skills

Our quality is unparalleled, and our expertise runs deep. We will work with you to develop programs offering employees personalized learning for your company’s proprietary needs. Employees will benefit from learner-focused programs with buildable new skills for business, leadership, human interaction, internal and external customer service, finance, budgets, management, project management, and more.

Workforce development is every bit about the customer experience. At MaryvilleWORKS, our customer is your business.

Dr. Scott ChadwickChief of Corporate Partnership Acquisitions

I believe in innovative higher education, which ultimately removes barriers to learning and creates greater access to education for all students. At Maryville, we are creating a model to transform the future of high education at a pace more common in the entrepreneurial world than in academia. Our efforts focus on putting the student at the center of the learning process. We not only tailor academic experiences based on students’ abilities and learning styles, we also deliver proven graduation and career placement outcomes.

Dr. Mark LombardiPresident of Maryville University

Get to Know Us Better

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Why Partner With MaryvilleWORKS?

Proven performance and scalability

We’ve been delivering high-quality online courses since 2013 with 7,000 students currently enrolled in online courses.

350% enrollment growth rate since 2007

Creative Learning Design

We’ve built an active online learning environment with the most innovative technology. We produce online courses in formats that bring content to life and allow you to choose how and when you want your teams to access the content.

In-house team of instructional designers create custom digital learning experiences
Individualized education for varied learning styles
Online assessment focused on demonstrated critical thinking skills
Innovative and creative approaches to assignments and activities

Innovative Technology Use

Our creative application of the latest technology creates an active learning environment where your team can immerse themselves in learning resulting in engaged, up-skilled employees.

In-house team of technical developers
Video and audio recording studio with green screens
Custom learning application build for your business needs

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