President Lombardi Featured Changemaker on FutureX Podcast

Maryville University President Mark Lombardi, PhD, recently appeared on the FutureX Podcast.

During the provocative conversation, Lombardi spoke about the dangers of consensus-driven change and warned institutions driven by tradition that they may not survive in the 21st century if they refuse to adapt.

“The pandemic has accelerated the digital future,” Lombardi said. “We’re now in a digital world where data analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning and blockchain are vital elements of higher education today and in the future.

“We need to use these digital tools to empower people. We need to use them to open up access to underrepresented groups who have been closed out of education and society historically. We need to use them to alter the business model of higher education and make higher education an affordable service. At Maryville, we are doing these things.”

Listen to Dr. Lombardi on the FutureX Podcast.

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