Maryville University Reaches Largest Undergraduate Enrollment in History

Maryville University announces the largest undergraduate enrollment in its history for the Fall 2022 semester. The freshmen class grew by 13% from 2021 and total undergraduate enrollment now stands at 5,711. Maryville’s total enrollment is well over 10,000 making Maryville one of the top-20 fastest growing private Universities in the nation.

Maryville President Dr. Mark Lombardi stated, “Our 98% career success rate, active learning ecosystem, numerous nationally ranked academic programs and our position as a top-10 percent wired campus in the US all contribute to this unprecedented growth.”

Amidst this enrollment growth, one major benefit for learners is stable tuition. Maryville froze tuition for five years and in 2020, reduced tuition 5%. Tuition fees are consistently increasing nationwide, on average, about 6.8% per year since 2017. This revolutionary approach to tuition has opened access and opportunity for thousands of learners across the nation.

Maryville continues to align its educational offerings with job market demands and provides a rich array of experiential, problem-solving opportunities to prepare learners for tomorrow, today. The workforce development program, MaryvilleWORKS has enrolled an additional 3,000 learners into the Maryville ecosystem, making the total number of learners well over 13,000. Learners at every level have the option to access to programs such as Life Coaching, which continues to set Maryville apart from many universities, providing accessibility and support for each learner on their journey.

“Programs like life coaching were started almost seven years ago as a tool to provide a unique advantage to our students early in their relationship with Maryville,” said Jennifer McCluskey, PhD, vice president of student success at Maryville University. “We are invested in ensuring that even before a learner shows up for their first day, we’re creating an environment of access and opportunity to help them understand and capitalize on their strengths. We’re in the business of giving our learners a competitive advantage as they work toward each milestone with us and in their professional careers.”

For 150 years, Maryville has worked to assess, evolve, and innovate to meet learner needs. The emphasis on a digital-first strategy has been integral in its recognition as an Apple Distinguished School for an unprecedented third time (2016-18, 2018-21, 2021-24). This prestigious recognition is for innovation, leadership, and excellence.

“Innovation is the lifeblood of the University, and it is essential for the learner of today be they 18 or 55.” Lombardi said. “We don’t believe in a traditional four-year relationship with our learners. With everything we do, our mission is to take each person who walks through our doors from learner, to earner, and back again.”

This enrollment milestone validates Maryville’s profound commitment to top-quality affordable education with career outcomes for every learner. Maryville believes this revolutionary model of higher education works for St. Louis, the region, and the nation.

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