Maryville Introduces Digital Career Portfolios

As part of its comprehensive digital transformation plan, Maryville University now offers digital career portfolios, allowing students to differentiate themselves amongst their peers when connecting with companies, recruiters and internships.

Through the digital career portfolio, students can showcase academic work, personal achievements and demonstrate acumen in their chosen field. Students can upload artifacts like presentations, videos, papers, labs and experiences to illustrate skills learned, which are then searchable by thousands of employers.

The digital career portfolio is a lifelong service and will follow students through graduation and beyond. It is available for all on-campus and online undergraduate and graduate students.

“We are excited to offer this new service that sets our students apart from other candidates when applying for internships and jobs,” said Jen McCluskey, PhD, vice president for student success. “Maryville students graduate workforce ready, and employers will now be able to quickly and easily see the real-world experiences and market-relevant skills they bring to the table through a robust, online platform. Employers can truly experience an individual instead of reviewing a flat resume.”

Additionally, within the digital career portfolio, Maryville will offer eight digital badges to certify achievements. They include critical thinking and problem solving; oral and written communication; teamwork and collaboration; digital technology; leadership; professionalism and work ethic; career management; and global and intercultural fluency. The eight badges align with competencies associated with career readiness as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Plans are underway for additional digital badging to capture skills learned such as badges for Maryville’s Core Values Distinction Program as well as badges for alumni.

Maryville will soon certify all digital badging using blockchain technology, which will provide verifiable, tamper-proof versions that can be shared instantly with employers, other schools and anybody else the student designates.

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