Maryville 2030 – The Access and Opportunity Revolution

Maryville is the innovative leader in higher education, forging a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunity for all.

Maryville’s next strategic plan is crafted around our strategic vision articulated in 2015 and still vitally important today: Maryville is the innovative leader in higher education promoting a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunity for all. Rooted in the digital revolution that surrounds us, this plan embodies a total commitment to access and opportunity, cutting-edge innovation, robust student outcomes and the creation of an active learning and living ecosystem that stays with the learner for their entire life. Join us as Maryville leads a revolution in higher education that will remake the university of the 21st century.

Maryville University is a revolutionary national university offering a comprehensive and innovative array of academic programs to learners across all platforms. Using sophisticated data analytics and artificial intelligence, we are laser focused on student learning, outcomes and success. This educational model is called the Active Learning and Living Ecosystem, and it is built upon an innovative liberal arts foundation leading to compelling programs in the arts and sciences, health professions, education and business that prepare students for a life of engagement and achievement.

The evolving core values of Maryville are rooted in our traditions and mindful of the dynamic, changing nature of higher education. They reflect not only what we value and how we articulate it but also what we want to impart to our students now and in the future.

Being data driven leverages insights to pinpoint new learning pathways that better serve our learners, improve operations and more. It is imperative to all we do, building trust with the learner; we are leveraging AI to proactively serve learners and empower them with their own data.

Driving to be laser focused on the learner’s lifelong journey maximizes choice, access and opportunity on multiple and integrated platforms of learning.

Developing and fostering a diverse community and culture offers new perspectives and innovation for the entire ecosystem. Such deep DEI commitment allows Maryville to draw upon the talents of all people while keeping us at the forefront of creating an educational culture that values each and every individual learner.

Dynamic, automated, 24/7/365 support with delightful and frictionless learner-centered service removes obstacles and anticipates our learners’ needs. The combination of being data driven, focusing on flexibility and remaining courageous creates the ultimate atmosphere of exceptional support.

By empowering an innovative mindset and embarking upon intentional risk-taking, we will relentlessly strive for radical improvement while modeling courageous leadership for our students.

Maryville University Access and Opportunity revolution



  • Perfect active learning and living ecosystems with learner outcomes at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Implement a learner-focused collective technology strategy, giving the learner agency through flexible, intelligent digital solutions.


  • Guarantee access and opportunity for all who desire it where cost never prevents a learner from beginning or continuing their educational journey.


  • Recruit, retain, develop and foster a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive campus culture.
  • Create seamless automated services rooted in ethical AI and data analytics.


  • Expand our learner base to millions across multiple integrated platforms and actively engage and serve learners across their lifespan.
  • Facilitate the lifelong learner journey with personalized, data-driven tools based on mutual trust and a commitment to the learner’s career success.

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