Carver-Madalon Receives Award

Associate Professor of Communication Leilani Carver-Madalon, PhD, has been named one of the Missouri Athletic Club’s Women of Distinction for 2021. The award honors women who are revolutionary in business, civic engagement, philanthropic programs and mentorship.

Carver-Madalon helps women build authentic confidence, including how to feel powerful when they feel powerless. Her work focuses on how women can find power within themselves and how they can connect with pipelines of power, such as mentors and networking opportunities.

“I was very moved to be named a Woman of Distinction,” said Carver-Madalon. “This award shows that my work around women’s leadership is needed and important, now more than ever before. The Covid pandemic disproportionately affected women versus their male counterparts, widening the gender gap in the workplace and at home.”

The pandemic has driven millions of women out of the workforce. Many lost their jobs while others were forced to choose between working and caring for their children. Research also shows that the hours of unpaid labor increased for women as they took on more than their share of child care, virtual schooling and household responsibilities.

“One of the most important things women can do is change our intrapersonal communication, or how we talk to ourselves,” said Carver-Madalon. “It’s crucial that the voice inside our heads, that we talk positively to ourselves. If we wouldn’t say it to a friend, we shouldn’t say it to ourselves.”

Carver-Madalon is a requested keynote speaker in the St. Louis community and beyond. She recently presented for Girls in the Know; Girl POWER leadership program sponsored by Incarnate Word Academy; LifeWise STL (previously Kingdom House); and the World Affairs Council of St. Louis. She was also a featured speaker at the 2019 TEDxStLouis Bold & Brilliant Women event.

Additionally, Carver-Madalon serves as a frequent expert and author for publications such as Forbes, The Hill, Huffington Post, PR News and Parentology. She is currently writing a book on women’s leadership and empowerment.


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