Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter
Major: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2021

All-Star student Sam Slaughter

As a Multicultural Scholarship recipient, Sam Slaughter is a student ambassador committed to creating a diverse and inclusive campus environment. He’s doing his part as the vice president of Maryville Hillel.

Maryville Hillel was founded in June 2015 and provides students a way to experience and engage with Jewish culture.

“It has given me a lot more opportunities to explore Judaism,” says Slaughter, who grew up in an area where the nearest temple was 45 minutes away. “I didn’t have a lot of experience with Judaism there, but here I do. It’s a really fun and interesting environment. I get to learn more about myself and more about my religion. I like being a part of Hillel because of the connections I make with other Jewish students on campus.”

As VP of Hillel, Slaughter helps organize events and works to partner with other religious student organizations on campus. This semester, Hillel collaborated with Catholics on Campus to put together a kickball tournament for NEXTFALAWANACYA Week.

“It’s really a fun thing for everyone to do and partnering with another religious group really shows our commitment to evolving and changing the atmosphere here on campus,” says Slaughter.

Slaughter, a nursing major, chose Maryville when he realized it was noted as having one of the best nursing programs in the state.

“Maryville nurses get jobs,” says Slaughter. “I love it. It’s a really good program. They are pushing you to succeed.”

His father, Kelly, also attends Maryville as a member of the first MBA cohort offered through a unique partnership between his employer, Maryville University and Westminster College.

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