Maryville’s Bookstore Becomes ‘The M Store’

The concept of a campus bookstore is coming of age – the digital age, that is – and Maryville’s bookstore is leading the way.

To better reflect the entirety of the Maryville University experience supported by its merchandise and services, Maryville’s “University Bookstore” has been renamed The M Store.

“We’ve expanded our products and services to reflect Maryville’s commitment to our Digital World initiative, and to address significant changes in the textbook industry—most obviously, the digital format of books,” says Laura Stevens, director of auxiliary services. “The M Store will continue to expand as we strive to meet a broad spectrum of needs across academics, technology and University tradition.”

Campus patrons will still find their favorite Maryville merchandise, supplies and food in the store, Stevens says, but going forward, the focus will be on building a strong online store, along with mobile cashiering and promotions.

“The University logo is such a strong brand statement, it’s fitting the name of the store reflects the image of the University,” Stevens says. “The M Store name sums up everything we want to accomplish. We try to anticipate the items and services that people may need while on campus and meet those needs in a robust and timely way.”