Students Debate Politics This Week on Live Radio

Five students and one alum from Maryville University have volunteered to discuss current political issues on “Allman & Crane’s College Debate ’08,” a live, on-air radio program to be aired 9 -11 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 12, on station 97.1 FM Talk.

Maryville’s representatives will debate each other, and will not be given specific discussion topics until they arrive at the studio for the live broadcast. Debating from conservative points of view will be students Justin Zimmerman and Tim Wiemers, and alum Janessa Toro. Students Jess Kiely, Michael Dragoni and A.J. Fox will debate from the liberal side of topics.
“Issues such as the Middle East, the economy and the energy crisis are all very significant, but as an education student at Maryville, the single most important issue to me is education; specifically, how the candidates feel about school funding and the No Child Left Behind legislation,” Dragoni said. He is a senior majoring in education and art.
Fox, who has previous experience on a gubernatorial campaign, said he hopes to discuss the economy, aid to the underprivileged and “green” technologies to move the country away from using fossil fuels.

As a participant on the radio show, Fox said: “I hope I can encourage people to really look at the candidates and vote intelligently. I would really like to see a large percent of younger voters during this election.”