Student Spiritual Organizations

The Office of Service and Spiritual Life currently sponsors seven spiritual groups that meet regularly on campus and may also engage in community outreach projects throughout the academic year. Explore your faith with fellow students in a respectful and thoughtful environment.

cm-oneBaptist Student Union (BSU)
Maryville BSU is a Non-Denominational Bible Study, focused on His Word, and applying it to our lives, TODAY. In addition to meetings, the group also hosts several student events on campus each semester.

cm-2Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to helping to meet the spiritual needs of college students. We do this through small group Bible studies, weekly events like the Source, and conferences and retreats.

cm-3Lutheran Student Fellowship (LSF)
Lutheran Student Fellowship strives to shape college students into Christian leaders by nurturing their faith so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be boldly proclaimed through acts of leadership, service, and fellowship within the Maryville University campus and the world beyond.

cm-4Muslim Student Association (MSA)
The purpose of this association will be to serve the best interests of the Muslim students of Maryville University. We will develop a dynamic, united and welcome community on campus, raise awareness of Islam, and help people become better Muslims. The MSA shall promote unity among the Muslim students, exemplify Islam and its values to Muslims and people of others faiths, or no faith, alike through events and activities, and promote understanding between Muslims and people of other (or no) faiths.

cm-5Maryville University Jewish Student Union (MUJSU)
The MUJSU will be a place to organize Jewish events on campus and discuss ideas to get the Jewish community on campus involved.

cm-6Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH)
The PUSH Group is a love inspired organization aimed at empowering and inspiring students to fulfill their maximum potential through communication, teaching and learning in order to equip and develop students to positively impact their families, communities, the nation and the world as a whole.

cm-7Catholic Students Club (CatS) is a group of students that works in close association with the Catholic Newman Center at Maryville University, serving the spiritual needs of Maryville’s Catholic students with opportunities to participate in the Sacraments, fellowship and retreats.