Theme 2

Transformational Innovation

Maryville will transform the development and delivery of higher education through a reengineering of pedagogy, processes and systems centered on student learning outcomes.

Goal 6

Relentlessly reengineer systems and processes to enhance student learning, reduce costs and add value.


  • Each Vice Presidential division will undergo a reengineering of systems and processes designed to enhance student service and academic and co-curricular outcomes for our students. This will be completed by May 2016.
  • Reengineer the Maryville App as the central conduit for student, faculty, staff and alumni interaction. Re-launch in 2015.
  • See Goal 5, objective D
Goal 7

Promote Entrepreneurial Spirit in every aspect of our enterprise rewarding risk taking and innovation.


  • Build an incentive structure around innovation including salary, bonuses and awards for faculty, staff and adjuncts.
  • See Goal 3, Objective A
  • Develop a culture of risk taking that celebrates successes and analyzes¬†failures as a way of continually improving the student educational experience.
Goal 8

Provide academic and co-curricular programs that are flexible and adaptable, consistently meeting individual student needs.


  • Develop, purchase and deploy apps that facilitate learning and engagement.
  • Expand club sports, recreational activities and student programming by one third of its present level.
  • Establish 10 co-curricular experiences that promote volunteerism, philanthropy, civic engagement, research and leadership that are recorded on transcripts on a for-credit basis.