Theme 4

Strategic Growth

Maryville University will leverage and solidify its status as a leading National University by expanding programs to meet emerging market needs.

Goal 10

Act with speed, nimbleness and responsiveness to the market place in all endeavors.


  • Develop an affordable and attractive model for tuition pricing tied to cost of delivery, ROI and market.
  • Propose, develop and deliver all new academic and non-academic programs within a three-six month time cycle.
Goal 11

By 2022, Maryville will have 10,000 students across all platforms taking 200,000 credit hours.


  • Implement a residency requirement for first year students.
  • Beginning in 2016, establish a life-long learning partnership with all undergraduate alumni.
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing and recruitment strategy that establishes Maryville as a top 100 National University.
  • Move the majority of non-traditional undergraduate majors and graduate programs to an online/hybrid format and add two online graduate programs per year for the next five years.
Goal 12

Assure a high quality of excellence and relevance in the global marketplace by continuously assessing, reinventing and adding compelling academic programs at all levels through all modes of delivery.


  • Analyze current academic programs and initiate market relevant new academic program initiatives through a process of environmental scanning; data analytics and aligning with our strategic academic identity.
  • Add 10 academic and non-academic pipelines by 2020 and redesign existing academic and non-academic programs to meet changing societal market demand.
Goal 13

Create a campus wide space engineering plan to meet evolving student learning and co-curricular demands.


  • Create a seven year plan for facility development and expansion that includes: the expansion of the Simon center; an additional residence hall of 400 students; redesign of classrooms for versatile learning styles; the expansion of Art & Design; creation of additional gathering spaces throughout campus.
  • Finalize and implement plans for the athletic facility on Conway Road and begin construction of athletic fields by 2017.
Goal 14

Meet or exceed the goals of the Capital Campaign, greatly augmenting student endowed scholarships and developing other resources to fulfill the University’s strategic mission.


  • Expand multicultural scholarships through establishing an endowment of
  • Continue to provide career services to students for ten years post-graduation.
  • Increase the total endowment to $100 million by 2022.
Goal 15

Establish Maryville as a top 100 National University.


  • Attract outstanding faculty and staff who embrace the Maryville culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and action. Redesign the hiring process, contract duties and culture to recruit and attract those people.
  • Expand and deepen our partnerships with major corporations, organizations and institutions.
  • Leverage the branding campaign to reinvent the Maryville image within our local, regional and national community.
  • Have 50% of the university’s graduates from outside of Missouri and Illinois by 2022.