Theme 3

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Maryville University will become a diverse campus community that values inclusiveness through intentional student/faculty/staff recruitment, professional development and programming.

Goal 9

By 2022 have a total student body that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the American experience and recruit and retain a faculty and staff population that reflects that diversity.


  • Launch in 2016 a doctoral completion fellowship program that provides dissertation support to diverse, emerging scholars who are completing their degrees and want to teach in higher education and recruit them for the Maryville faculty.
  • Expand the multicultural scholars program to include a faculty mentor to help support the students in their academic endeavors, their career development and preparation.
  • In 2016, create a 2 + 2 program for underrepresented men and women in partnership with the St. Louis Community Colleges in selected disciplines. Launch in 2016.
  • Make multicultural endowed scholarships a central element of our capital campaign and set a goal of $5,000,000 for such an endowment.
  • Deliver a set of intentional professional development programs that engage staff, faculty and students regarding the dimensions of working with and serving a diverse campus community.
  • Deliver orientation training for all new employees on understanding the dimensions of working with a multicultural student body.
  • Expand international recruitment and achieve a total international student population of 300 by 2022.