Core Values

The evolving core values of Maryville are rooted in our traditions and mindful of the changing nature of higher education.  They reflect not only what we value and how we articulate it but also what we want to impart to our students now and in the future.

Learning and Mentoring: Our essential, foundational purpose is the mentoring of all students in their pursuit of learning.  Students will hone their skills and challenge their limits to critically think about and adequately express their own intellectual journey. All faculty and staff are committed to employing a vast array of current and future tools to fulfill this value.

Student Centered: Put students at the center of an Active Learning Ecosystem that challenges students to excel and meets their social and academic needs.

Diversity & Global Awareness: Create a diverse and inclusive campus culture that reflects the contours of the United States and enhances a student’s ability to work, live and thrive within the global community.

Civic Engagement: All citizens must be actively engaged in working to assist and strengthen their local, national and global communities.

Innovative Leadership: Commitment to a culture of risk-taking and entrepreneurial leadership at all levels.

Sustainability: Appreciation that our collective global environment requires good, prudent stewardship and meaningful consideration of those who will inherit our institution, community and world.