Letter from Dean of Students to Students

Dear Maryville Students,

As you read in the earlier message from Dr. Caldwell, we have implemented additional COVID-19 protocols to start the spring semester, which impact you as a residential student or unvaccinated commuter student. We planned to communicate with you on this matter earlier in the break but given the nation-wide testing shortage, only yesterday were we able to confirm the delivery of tests needed for our campus. Please read the information carefully so you are prepared when you arrive on campus.

Return to Campus Testing
Students living in on-campus housing and unvaccinated commuters must meet one of the following three criteria before attending classes:

1. Have been diagnosed with and recovered from COVID-19 within 90 days of move-in or attending your first class.

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 within 90 days of returning to campus, documentation must uploaded using the COVID-19 Submission form no later than Tuesday, January 11. Maryville will accept either a dated copy of the positive test result OR a dated copy of the isolation release letter from your local health department.

Documentation must include:
• Student’s name
• Date the test was taken (must not be more than 90 prior to move-in) OR
• Date student was released from isolation (must not be more than 90 days prior to move-in)

2. Have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of move-in or attending your first class

You may choose to get tested prior to your arrival on campus. If you do, documentation of the negative result must be uploaded prior to your arrival on campus using the COVID-19 Submission form and MUST meet specific criteria including:

• Student’s name
• The date the test was taken (not the date the results were received)
• Test was administered not more than 72 hours prior to move-in or attending your first class

If you get tested prior to your return and the result is positive, please contact Maryville’s Health and Wellness Office immediately at 314-529-9520 and complete the Health Survey. Do not come to campus if you’ve tested positive!

3. Get COVID-19 tested upon returning to campus

If you do not meet criteria options 1 or 2, you must complete a COVID-19 test when you return to your on campus housing facility on Saturday, January 8, and Sunday January 9. For unvaccinated commuters and late residential arrivals, testing must be completed no later than 5PM Tuesday, January 11, but must be completed before attending classes. COVID-19 testing is free for students. Maryville will use Ellume Rapid test which is self-administered. The process to pick up your test is anticipated to take approximately 5 minutes, depending on the number of students picking up tests.

If you are planning to get tested at Maryville, please see the attached document with specific instructions regarding return to campus COVID-19 testing.

We look forward to seeing you back on campus and working together to stay SaintStrong.

Joseph Fitzpatrick
Dean of Students