Work Environment

Work Environment

Policies and Protocols

Work Environment Policies and Protocols

Published July 6, 2020

The health and safety of our faculty, staff and students is our highest priority. To support the return of faculty and staff to campus, Maryville has implemented a number of policies and protocols outlined on the SaintStrong website. Maryville’s policies and protocols follow applicable recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and St. Louis County.

We have developed a flexible approach as we prepare for our return to campus and our policies and protocols may be adjusted based on evolving guidance from public health officials or changing pandemic conditions. Helping to mitigate COVID-19 transmission is a shared responsibility and all Community Members are required to adhere the policies and protocols outlined on the SaintStrong website.

In addition to these policies and protocols, as we prepare for staff and faculty to return to campus, Maryville is:

  • Evaluating and identifying staff positions suitable for continued remote work
  • Developing training materials for faculty and staff
  • Enhancing workplace health and safety measures
  • Expanding employee benefits
  • Increasing staff in key areas
  • Remote Work
    As we announced in June, area Vice Presidents are evaluating staff positions suitable for continued remote work to limit the number of employees on campus and help lessen the likelihood for COVID-19 transmission. Staff members will be contacted by their supervisor with more details.
  • Training and Education
    We are developing an educational campaign using social media, videos and digital signage to inform Community Members of the policies and protocols they are expected to follow while on campus and to train them on best practices for good hygiene and reducing risk of exposure. Resources and materials are also available on the SaintStrong website. Human Resources is creating training materials to assist you with supporting compliance with these policies and protocols in your interactions with others.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Measures
    Maryville will implement enhanced cleaning protocols and our sanitation staff has undergone professional coronavirus prevention training and are using CDC recommended disinfectants. We have added hand sanitizing stations across campus and increased availability of disinfecting wipes in key areas. Maryville will add signs, adjust furniture placements, and add protective barriers where necessary to facilitate compliance with social distancing and promote good hygiene. Maryville will provide all faculty and staff members returning to campus with a face covering to facilitate compliance with Maryville’s face covering requirements.
  • Expanded Employee Benefits
    In March, we announced that Maryville implemented a new extended sick leave policy for COVID-19, cold or influenza-like symptoms. Additionally, we are introducing a new policy for requesting COVID-19 accommodations. For more information on employee benefits including the COVID-19 accommodation policy and the extended sick leave policy, please visit the ADP site.
  • Increasing Staff in Key Areas
    Maryville is increasing staffing in the Office of Health and Wellness to allow us to continue offering standard healthcare services to students while also providing greater resources to support overall campus health and wellness and COVID-19 response efforts. Additionally, Maryville is expanding staff in Public Safety by adding Community Engagement Officers to support education and compliance with our COVID-19 policies and protocols.
  • Questions:

    If you have questions regarding the campus work environment or accommodation requests, please contact April Santos, Director of Human Resources at


This document is not a contract with any employee, student, or other member of the Maryville community. The University reserves the right in its sole discretion to interpret this document and/or amend it at any time.