Dining Facilities

Dining Facilities

Policies and Protocols

Dining Facilities Policies and Protocols

Updated 12/14/21

  • Mobile Ordering, Pick-up and Delivery Options
    All dining facilities utilize a mobile ordering system through the Transact app to help with congestion and waiting in serving areas. Some dining facilities also offer kiosk ordering, walk-in and grab and go options. Signage is posted at each dining facility.
  • Designated Dining Areas
    Community Members may consume food and beverage only in following approved facilities:

    • Gander Dining Hall
    • DUC Atrium
    • The Library
    • In your own residential room/apartment
    • For employees, in your own office/workspace
    • Tented areas outdoors
    • All other outdoor spaces while distanced from others by 6 feet

    Food and beverage, except water, is prohibited in all other campus spaces, including but not limited to Classrooms, Residential Lounges and other common spaces.

    Special food service protocols will be implemented to support residential students who are quarantined.

  • Meal Plans
    Meal plans are not changing. Dining services and menu options are being revised to provide flexibility for all residential students while implementing protocols and practices to help lessen the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission. More information about meal plans can be found here.



This document is not a contract with any employee, student, or other member of the Maryville community. The University reserves the right in its sole discretion to interpret this document and/or amend it at any time.