Policies and Protocols

Academics Policies and Protocols

Updated 1/31/22

  • Online and Online Plus Course Offerings

    Online courses are typically 8-week, accelerated and completely asynchronous (meaning there are no scheduled or required meeting times) offering full flexibility for students to engage on their own schedule from anywhere.

    Maryville’s Online Plus courses are designed to provide the convenience of online but more aligned to the academic calendar of a traditional face-to-face course (16 week). While these courses will not require in-person attendance, they are designed with options for enhanced engagement through synchronous experiences (meaning there are scheduled meeting times). At this time, most Online Plus classes are in foundational courses.

    At this time, enrolling in an Online Plus course is a choice made by the student.

  • Zoom Access for On-Campus Courses
    For on-campus courses, Zoom participation is reserved for students who are ill, isolating, quarantining, or traveling for University business. In these cases, students will not be counted as absent. Students who meet the above criteria should consult with their instructor for directions to receive a Zoom link. Instructors may also send additional information on the specific expectations for meeting class learning outcomes.
  • Nursing Clinical Requirements
    While the Walker College of Health Professions does not currently require the COVID-19 vaccination, the majority of third-party clinical sites are requiring COVID-19 vaccinations. Some sites have indicated that they may approve a limited number of exemptions based on medical or religious accommodations. Students should contact their Program Clinical Coordinator for more information.

  • Faculty and Students Working in Health Care Facilities
    Health Professions faculty and students may work in healthcare settings where they work with patients who have infectious diseases (including COVID-19). Faculty and students are expected to follow the personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety requirements in their place of employment to mitigate risk of exposure to themselves and others. Faculty and students following the health and safety requirements at their workplace do not need to notify the University of potential workplace exposure to COVID-19; however, individuals are required to report development of COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis consistent with the University’s reporting requirements.
  • Internship Requirements
    Students participating in a program that requires an internship to graduate are encouraged to work with their program director and faculty member to find alternatives if they are unable find an in-person internship opportunity. We are committed to supporting each student’s progress to completion.

    While Maryville does not require COVID-19 vaccination for community members, students should be aware that some external sites where educational experiences are completed, such as clinical sites, study abroad programs, student teaching or internship sites, may require vaccination. Maryville will work with students to identify alternative options if external vaccination requirements present a barrier to a student’s participation; however, Maryville cannot guarantee the availability of alternatives or that alternatives will be like the student’s preferred site.

  • Life Coaching
    Life coaching is available both on-campus and virtually. Faculty, life coaches and students have found that Zoom is an excellent option for advising sessions; however, on-campus sessions following health guidelines (e.g., wearing masks, social distancing) remain an option.



This document is not a contract with any employee, student, or other member of the Maryville community. The University reserves the right in its sole discretion to interpret this document and/or amend it at any time.