Ryan Howard Family Foundation helps children attend Maryville University’s Summer Robotics Program


ST. LOUIS – Maryville University received a grant from the Ryan Howard Family Foundation providing about a dozen high-ability elementary school students from the St. Louis area free transportation to attend Maryville’s summer robotics program, which runs through Aug. 3.

Ryan Howard, the Philadelphia Phillies superstar, grew up in St. Louis and has a history of giving back in the area. Maryville University leads a year ‘round Young Scholars program for high-ability students from traditionally underrepresented populations in gifted programs.

Steve Coxon, Maryville University assistant professor and director of Graduate Programs in gifted education, arranged for students in the Young Scholars program to attend the robotics program for free. The Ryan Howard Family Foundation awarded a $2,000 grant for bus transportation to bring those Young Scholars to Maryville’s campus in west St. Louis County.

The Director of Fundraising for the Ryan Howard Family Foundation Reggie Crume said, “For us, it came down to anopportunity for additional kids to take part in the educational opportunity Maryville University is providing.”

Coxon said, “We appreciate the grant from the Ryan Howard Family Foundation because it allows children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend the robotics program to be here. We know children who take part in these programs are much more likely to pursue education and careers in math and science. These are bright kids, future community leaders.”

About The Maryville Summer Science and Robotics Program

The Maryville Summer Science and Robotics Program for High Ability Students is an engaging opportunity for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. The program offers high-end programming with highly qualified faculty, including professors, engineers, computer programmers and gifted certified teachers.

Maryville designed the program for children and teens ages 5-15 who are either already identified as gifted or who perform well above others their age in science, technology, engineering, and/or math including exceptional use of engineering toys such as LEGOs or other building sets.

The robotics program served approximately 145 high-ability students this year, and organizers anticipate that the program will expand to offer more than 40 classes in the summer of 2013.

About The Ryan Howard Family Foundation

The Ryan Howard Family Foundation has been dedicated since its launch in 2009 to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged youth and families through the avenues of education, health and fitness, and social economic change. The foundation has collaborated with agencies and launched initiatives that have touched hundreds of lives.