Parking Regulations

All faculty, staff and students must register their vehicle(s) with the Public Safety Department and display a valid parking permit while parking on the Maryville University campus.

1. No vehicle may be parked or left unattended in any roadway, driveway, loading or unloading area.
2. Vehicles may not block a sidewalk at any time.
3. Parking is prohibited in any area designated as a “no parking” area either by sign or curb/space painting.
4. If the space is not clearly marked (i.e. space between two white lines) it should not be considered a valid parking space unless directed by public safety for specific circumstances.
5. Parking on the grass is strictly prohibited
6. No vehicle may occupy more than one space.
7. Only visitors may occupy spaces designated as “visitor parking”. Faculty, staff, students, food service employees, etc. are all considered members of Maryville University and are not permitted to park in the visitor spaces.
8. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day. Unless the parking sign clearly dictates a certain time of parking enforcement (i.e. Faculty/Staff parking only from 7am-5pm), all regulations should be considered enforceable at all times.
9. General Lots are not enforced for other valid Maryville University permits from 4 p.m. – 7 a.m.
10. All parking regulations of the University and state laws of Missouri must be obeyed at all times while parking on campus.
11. No person shall park in a designated handicapped space without a state issued handicapped placard. Violators are subject to a fine not only by public safety officers, but the Town & Country Police Department. Maryville University does not provide temporary handicapped permits. All requests must be submitted through the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles.
12. The University reserves the right to move or tow any vehicle parked on the campus if it is necessary to maintain the safety of the campus or for emergency maintenance purposes.

Traffic Regulations

1. All vehicles shall be operated in accordance with the laws and ordinances of the State of Missouri, St. Louis County, Town & Country, and Maryville University. Violation of these laws may subject the offender to whatever penalties shall be assigned by court or University discipline process.
2. The speed limit on campus shall be 20 M.P.H on the roadways and 10 M.P.H in the parking lots unless conditions exist that warrant a reduction in these speeds, i.e. weather, construction, pedestrians, etc.
3. No vehicle shall operate in a careless or imprudent manner.
4. All vehicle operators are required to obey directions given to them by any public safety officer or designated law enforcement official.