Core Values

These reflect the core values of Maryville’s past and future. They reflect not only what we value and how we articulate it but also what we want to impart to our students now and in the future.

Teaching and Mentoring

Our essential, foundational purpose is the teaching and mentoring of students of all ages so they may stretch their minds, challenge their limits and critically think about and adequately express their own intellectual journey.

Student Centered

Everything that we do both inside and outside the classroom is directly related to enhancing the student learning and living experience.

Global Awareness

Appreciation for the diversity of the human condition and an understanding and ability to work, live and thrive within the global community.

Civic Engagement

All citizens must be actively engaged in their local, national and global communities to both strengthen those communities and assist those less fortunate.

Ethical Leadership

Commitment to the principle that all people have both the ability to lead and the responsibility to do so based on a strong ethical foundation.


Appreciation that our collective global environment requires good, prudent stewardship and meaningful consideration of those who will inherit our institution, community and world.