University Vehicles

Driver Approval
Drivers of University owned vehicles (including University vans) must be a current employee or student. Family members, former employees, alums, etc. are not permitted to drive University vehicles. All drivers must be 18 or older. Drivers younger than 19 will NOT be permitted to drive a University van unless a Maryville employee not younger than 21 is present.

Approval through the Office of Public Safety is required EACH academic year starting on August 1 in order to drive a University vehicle. Completion of a motor vehicle record background check and van orientation program is required prior to granting approval to any driver. It takes approximately two weeks to get approval from Public Safety for students, faculty, and staff to become approved drivers (potentially longer for out-of-state licenses). Public Safety may request information from public and private sources about a driver’s driving record.

Vehicle Reservation Process

Vehicle Usage Guidelines