University Vehicles

Approval through the Office of Public Safety is required EACH academic year in order to drive a University van.  Completion of a motor vehicle record background check and van orientation program is required prior to granting approval to any driver. It takes approximately two weeks to get approval from Public Safety to become certified to drive Maryville University Vehicles.


  • Students, faculty and staff wishing to drive a University van must complete a motor vehicle record background check.
  • Drivers of University owned vehicles must be a current employee or student. Family members, former employees, alums, etc. are not permitted to drive University vehicles.
  • Completion of the driver orientation program is required prior to driving a University van.
  • All Maryville vans are limited to 10 people including the driver.
  • A bus company will be used for transportation needs for out-of-town trips for athletic teams, student activities and field trips requiring the use of more than two vans.
  • Drivers younger than 19 will NOT be permitted to drive a University van unless a Maryville employee not younger than 21 is present.
  • Driving time is limited to 4 hours before a rest break must be taken.
  • A backup driver is required on all trips over 6 hours each way.
  • A Maryville employee is required to be present on all out-of-town and/or overnight trips. (Out-of town is defined as any trip in excess of 100 miles from the main campus.)
  • Drivers are prohibited from using any handheld device while operating a University vehicle.
  • Failure to return van keys and/or gas credit cards, and/or return a dirty van will result in a $50 fine to the group/department that reserved the van.
  • Maryville University does not permit the use of University vans for non-University-related activities/events.
  • Maryville University does not permit the rental of 15-passenger vans for University-related activities/events.
  • The use of a trailer hitch is not permitted on any University van being used to transport passengers.